“The story of Abraham and Sarah is the story of God- initiating a covenant relationship, and Abraham and Sarah responding in radically imperfect faith.”

July 5th, 2020

Throughout the story of Abraham and Sarah, God continually initiates. God chooses Abram and calls him to leave his homeland. God unilaterally makes promises and commitments to Abram. God enters into a covenant with Abram on His own terms. God changes Abram's name to Abraham. God fulfills the promise of a descendant for Abraham. And God provides a substitute sacrifice for Abraham's chosen son. Abraham and Sarah respond with shaky, imperfect faith- showing us how we too, in our own imperfections, can confidently submit ourselves to the God who initiates.

Application Questions:

  1. Why is it so important that God is the great initiator?

  2. How have you seen God initiate with you in your life?

  3. In what way does Abraham and Sarah's imperfect faith give you hope?

  4. What practical steps of faith can you take in your life to take hold of the promises of God for you?

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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