“If you know someone well enough to know that they’re wandering from the truth, you know them well enough to try to bring them back from their wandering.”

March 1, 2020 

As we wrap up the book of James, we find a closing exhortation to take what we've learned and strive to love those around us with it.  In most sermons you would normally be encouraged to refrain from thinking about the person sitting next to you, and to instead make sure you're considering your own heart.  But in today's passage we are called to take all that we have learned over the past six months, and all the warnings we have heard, and consider those God has placed around us in our lives.  God is calling us to be the delivery mechanism of his message to those who desperately need it.  And the stakes couldn't be higher.

  1. Of all the instructions and warnings we've heard in James over the past six months, which have most significantly shaped your life over that time?
  2. Is pursuing friends who wander from the truth something you've done?  
  3. Share a time you did so, and what happened (without disclosing the details of the situation).
  4. Of the ways we are called to speak truth to wanderers that were discussed in the sermon, which do you find the most difficult and why?
    -With Humility
    -With Gentleness
    -With Consistency
    -With Boldness
    -With Prayer
  5. What generally motivates you to try to bring back those that are wandering?  Do you recognize the stakes being as serious as James describes?
  6. Is there anyone in your life that you ought to be pursuing as you seek to obey the call we've heard in this passage?

Scott Mehl

Scott serves the church by overseeing leadership, development, global ministries, and counseling/discipleship.

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