“You can run from the Lord, but He will chase you- and once He has you He will send you.”

September 6th, 2020

Jonah is a reluctant prophet, who doesn't want to preach God's word to his enemies the Ninevites so he runs away from God. But one can never truly run away from God because the God of the Bible is a God who pursues. God pursues Jonah, chasing him even to the bottom of the sea in the belly of a fish. When Jonah relents and turns back to God, then God sends him again to Ninevah and the people of Ninevah repent and turn to God. In the story of Jonah God shows us that He is a God who pursues and a God who sends, and in Christ He has pursued us and brought us back into a relationship with Him, and now He sends us into the world to represent Him.

Application Questions:

  1. How has God pursued you in your life?

  2. Why is God's pursuit of you a powerful act of His love?

  3. To whom are you sent?

  4. What is holding you back from representing God and His message to the world around you?

Matt Kleinhans

Matt serves Cornerstone by overseeing Family Ministries.

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