“Our hearts cry out for deliverance, and God always comes through, even if it's in ways we don't expect.”

July 19th, 2020

Deliverance is what every heart yearns for through the various suffering and struggles of life.  Seeing God move in the life of Moses from his birth is meant to encourage us that God is always at work in the lives of his people and has nothings but the best in store for them, no matter the circumstances of life.  

Application Questions:

  1. What are some of the things in your life you want to be delivered from?

  2. How does seeing how God delivered His people in the past help you to suffer well? 

  3. How does God delivering you from sin and death through Jesus empower you to better love God and love others?  

  4. What are some small acts of faith and obedience you can take today in light of the truth of the gospel?  

Reggie Austin

Reggie is a member of Cornerstone and serves the church as Sunday Morning Director and as a non-vocational elder.

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