“The Gospel frees you to embrace a life of wisdom in a world you can’t control.”

November 11, 2018

This week was a Unity Sunday service, so the sermon audio is in both English and Spanish.

After explaining that life is a vapor, the Preacher teaches us what wisdom looks like as a human being who isn’t in control. He shows us that wisdom is extremely valuable, but easily overlooked. To prove the point, he spends an entire chapter detailing the different aspects of foolishness: its destructive nature, its tendency to prize volume over wisdom, and more. After reading the chapter through, we see our need to be wise. The rest of Scripture points us to Jesus Christ as the way to have hearts that incline towards wisdom.

Application Questions

  1. How have you seen the different aspects of foolishness at work in the world around you?
  2. How have you seen the different aspects of foolishness at work in your own life?
  3. Is there a particular area in your life that you think foolishness is at work? How can you address that area with the gospel to pursue wisdom, even when it’s hard?  

Preguntas de Aplicación

  1. Cuales son las diferentes manifestaciones de la tontera que Usted ha visto a su alrededor?
  2. ​Como se ha manifestado la tontera en tu propia vida?
  3. ​Hay alguna area en particular en tu vida donde existe la tontera? Como puedes aplicar el evangelio con sabiduría a esta area de tu vida, aun cuando es muy difícil?

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Brian Colmery

Brian serves the church by overseeing preaching and Sunday morning services at Cornerstone.

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