Intro to Cornerstone

If you are new, Intro to Cornerstone is a class designed specifically for you.
It’s a great place to learn about who we are, what we believe, and how we live.
Sessions are held monthly throughout the year

"Introduction to Cornerstone" is a 3-part class that helps you get to know Cornerstone. You’ll learn about our church leadership structure, our statement of faith, and how we live as a spiritual family in West LA.

Part I

Part I introduces you to Cornerstone, explains some of our core beliefs, and gives you a vision for how you can be involved. You’ll learn about Community Groups, church leadership, and the fundamentals of the Gospel message. 

Part II

Part II works through Cornerstone's statement of faith. This class covers what we believe about the Bible, God, humanity, sin, and eternal life.

Part III

Part III is all about church: what the Bible teaches about it’s nature, it’s structure, it’s leadership, and how you fit in. This class also covers how to practically live out the theology we learn in the context of the local church.

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